Products. Sterile Processing Department


We provide unique products for SPD that will help you increase compliance and reduce infection rates where possible.  Let us help you find a solution that fits your needs.


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SP Concepts provides us with an innovative set of instrumentation through the INSPEKTOR™ line.  The INSPEKTOR™ offers a quick and easy way to visually  inspect instrument lumens.  The instrument is 2 mm and flexible, which works great for inspecting arthroscopic shaver hand pieces as well.  The INSPEKTOR™ is designed to visually inspect instrument’s hard to see or hidden areas at 9X magnification.  It is fast and easy to use.


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United Biotech provides us with a unique stable enzymatic detergent for processing instruments in SPD.

  • Unique Combination of Enzymes

  • Requires special stabilization techniques to keep enzymes from destabilizing each other

  • Requires a range of capabilities to provide efficacy against targeted organic soils

  • Tri-Power™ Enzymatic Cleaner is the first and only truly green enzymatic cleaner that cleans with the power of enzymes

  • Stable yet effective blends

    • 2 years stability study

  • Detergent Included: All-in-One Enzymatic Cleaning Formulations to maximize cleaning ability


Unlike harsh cleaning chemicals, our green cleaning solutions meet greenworks environmental standards for industrial and institutional cleaners based on their reduced health risks and smog production potential.


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Cygnus Medical provides a cost-effective offering of products for the Endocsopy Suite, Surgical Suite, Sterile Processing, and Environmental Infection Protection.


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In order to address the diverse needs of today’s healthcare clinicians, Skytron is pleased to offer more product options than any competitor.


Circle of Solutions™

Skytron's complete line of solutions satisfies a broad range of your healthcare facility’s needs. They offer innovative technologies for the OR, Hybrid Room, ER, CSSD, ICU, Labor & Delivery departments, exams rooms and much more. Each of their product lines work together to give you exactly what you need: efficiency, versatility, reliability, and cost savings. What’s more, each of their products delivers superior performance, allowing you to keep your focus on the patient.


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