MicroAire provides surgeons with numerous resources for plastic and reconstructive procedures.  The first pneumatic-powered instrument made especially for plastic surgery lipoplasty. Endotine is used in a variety of facial procedures, including brow lifts, midface lifts, face lifts and neck lifts.


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We carry a wide range of products to fit the needs of plastic and reconstructive surgeons.


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Designed by leading surgeons, Implantech's silicone implants enable permanent yet reversible solutions for a more youthful, attractive appearance. Implantech also offers pre-formed and custom body-contouring implants for gluteal, pectoral, calf and other areas; genuine Cimeosil® scar management gels and gel sheeting; and compression healing Gelzone® wraps backed with silicone for ultra-secure placement and scar management.


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Contemporary Design, Inc. Compression Garments are the results of a successful partnership with plastic and cosmetic surgeons for nearly 30 years.  Sculptures Compression Wear™ offers compression garments constructed using BodyScan technology and cutting-edge compression fabric. Sculptures Compression Garments, transformed the industry’s expectation of comfort, compression and how garments are designed.


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Founded by Nafeh Sebai, Bella Medical Products is dedicated to formulating innovative, result oriented skin solutions for the aesthetic medical industry.

Ranked as one of the Top 3 New Anti Aging Products by ABC News, The Perfect Derma™ Peel delivers on that promise. The Perfect Derma™ Peel provides healthy, ageless skin for all skin types and ethnicities


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Black & Black Surgical seeks to provide quality instruments and superior service to plastic surgeons, cosmetic plastic surgeons, and facial plastic surgeons who value perfect and precise results for their patients. Whether a surgeon is just starting his practice or endeavoring to improve his techniques and add new procedures to an established repertoire, these products will meet his specific surgical needs.


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